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Board Members

Position Name/Email
President Christina Austin
VP of Administration Lindsey Kelley
VP of Operations JR Bennett
VP Player Support Scot Austin
VP of Registration Phil Haworth
Secretary Roxanne Aguirre
Treasurer Amish Patel
Umpire-in-Chief John Bennett
Manager/Coach Administrator Mike Brenner
Equipment & Safety Administrator Jim Jezowski
Division Agent/Player Rep Paul Hinojosa
Field Services Open Position
Uniforms Laura Kidd
Sponsor & Team Coordinator Open Position
Pictures & Awards Heath Beske
Ceremonies/Events/Volunteers Afton Burton
Web Master Phil Haworth
Snack Bar Manager Lindsay Kelley
Fundraising Roxanne Aguirre

Christina Austin - President


Chief Executive Officer presides as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and at all General Meetings.

Executes all policies and decisions made by the Board.

Coordinates all League activities and oversees all phases of League functions.

Lindsey Kelley - VP of Administration


Assumes all duties of the President if the President is unable to do so, or at the request of the President.

Assists the President in all League activities.


Scot Austin - VP Player Support


Responsible Officer for all Division Agents (6U/8U, 10U, and 12U/14U). Along with the Division Agents, assists with the organization and execution of preseason evaluations and team formation.

Presents any problems pertaining to the players, managers or coaches that require Board action to the Executive Board.

Coordinates and oversees the All-Star selection process and is a standing member of the All-Star Committee. Shall periodically review the policies and procedures relating to All-Star selection, and make recommendations to the Board.

Phil Haworth - VP Registration

Responsible Officer for all aspects of the organization and execution of pre-season registration, USA Softball registration, All-Star registration, and background checks.

Amish Patel - Treasurer


Properly records all funds. Prepares checks for the purpose of paying approved bills and other approved expenses incurred in running the organization. Properly records all payments.

Roxanne Aguirre - Secretary


Makes arrangements for all meeting rooms. Keeps the minutes of all Board Meetings. In the absence of the President, the Vice President of Administration, and the Vice President of Operations, calls the meeting to order and presides until the election of a Chairperson ProTem, which should be done immediately.  Ensures Board Meeting minutes are typed and handed out prior to the next scheduled Board Meeting

Mike Brenner - Manager / Coach Administrator 

Responsible for the procurement and maintenance of League training materials. Responsible for organizing League training for managers and coaches and/or referral to outside training clinics.

Coordinates the registration of managers and coaches to ASA sponsored clinics or other coaching clinics deemed appropriate.

Maintains records of coaching clinic certifications and attendance.

Jim Jezowski- Equipment and Safety Administrator 


Provides procurement, security, accountability, and distribution of all equipment used by League teams only, in League play, including practices and tournaments.

Maintains a written record of equipment, as defined above, owned by the League and/or owned by organizations such as the Recreation and Parks Department, which is on loan to the League.

Paul Hinojosa - Division Agent / Player Rep.


Represents the interests of each Participating Member playing in the Division and ensures that all actions taken by managers, coaches, Board or General Members are taken for the well-being and welfare of these younger members.

Open Position - Field Services


Oversees the preparation of the playing fields prior to scheduled League games, including hiring and payment of field service personnel if adult volunteers are unavailable.

Afton Burton- Ceremonies / Events / Volunteers

Organizes and coordinates the opening and closing ceremonies.  Organizes and coordinates special events.

Compiles a list of parent volunteers, and assists with recruiting volunteers as needed by other Board Members or committee members.  

Organizes and coordinates the end of fall season event with the Fall Ball and Fall Tournament Chairperson, if any.

Heath Beske - Pictures and Awards


Responsible for scheduling and distributing individual and team pictures and awards in conjunction with the Sponsors and Team Coordinators Chairperson.

Laura Kidd - Uniforms


Purchases and distributes necessary softball wearing apparel as approved by the Board, for the Fall, Spring, and All-Star seasons. Works in conjunction with the Division Agents, and the Fall Ball and Fall Tournament Chairperson.

Open Position- Sponsors and Team Coordinators


Maintains a list of all team coordinators. Conducts both an orientation meeting at the beginning of the season and a mid-season review to secure required volunteers for the snack bar and tournament duties.

Phil Haworth - Webmaster

Coordinates and maintains the league Internet website.   Wears colorful socks.

Lindsay Kelley - Snack Bar Manager


Prepares Snack Bar Schedule. Develops an operating budget.  Purchases supplies.  Runs the OCGSL snack bar at Peralta and OCGSL fields.  

Roxanne Aguirre- Fundraising


In charge of organizing fundraisers for OCGSL. 

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