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10U Gold Roster


Coach: David Carrillo


Bella Alcala

Audrey Brobst

Alexandra Carrillo

Braylene Easley

Marley Gaines

Danica Lancellotti

Julianna Romero

Aleena Ruiz

Ava Savala

Camille Sellers

Alyssa Tapley

Navaeh Ward



10 Silver Roster


Coach: Sohail Dadabhoy


Gianna Alcala

Ellie Brault

Halle Calderon

Kayla Dadabhoy

Alisa Fair

Laurene Gallego

Caroline Hicks

Aubrey Mayo

Dani Neville

Aleia Pangelinan

Jayleen Perez

Ryley Piche

Hailey Turpin


8U Gold Roster


Coach: Moe Banda


Hannah Estrada

Giada Lancellotti

Taylor Weems

Brooklyn Calderon

Emma Welker

Maddison Milne

Wesli Neville

Rylinn Aase

Karter Wheeler

Madeline Vidor

Andrea Banda

Calla Nagler

6U Gold Roster


Coach: Tim Acquarelli


Hannah Kidd

Piper Kelley

Adelina Arredando 

Daisy Orajel

Sophia Patton

Reyna Aguirre

Bailey Fernandez

Tayyum Karam

Chole Crawford

Gaby Acquarelli

Lilah Dome

Taylor Dierking

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1401 N Handy St, Orange, CA 92867

League Contact Information

Contact us by mail!

PO BOX 17244

Anaheim, CA 92817

Email :

ATTN: Jeff Valenzuela

President - OCGSL


The OCGSL family lost a dear friend, Wayne Boyer, passed away on February 20.  He leaves behind a beautiful wife and 3 fabulous children under 18.  His last 3 months were spent primarily in hospitals & ICU, not able to work.  During this long battle he incurred many medical bills that are now starting to roll in.  With the grief of losing a husband and father, this is the last thing they need to worry about.  Any contributions to this family is greatly appreciated by all.


Dave and Karen Angers - two people who were very involved with OCGSL (formally OVPGSL) - coaching, all stars, board are unfortunately in need of help from the OCGSL family. Karen has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and could really use our help!  If you're able to donate please visit the GOFUNDME page to the right. 


From everyone here at OCGSL, we are wishing a speedy recovery to Karen!