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Orange Canyon Girls Softball is proud to announce Fall Registration opens on June 3, 2019. 
1) What are the costs associated with the 2019 Fall Season? 
There are tiered prices depending on how early you register.   
*Age as of 12/31/2019 
The cost for this program is:   
June 3rd through June 30th *Early Bird* 

Ages 4 1/2-6 (6U) $85 
Ages 7-8 (8U) $155 
Ages 9-10 (10U) $155 
Ages 11-12 (12U) $155 
Ages 13-14 (14U) $155
July 1st through July 14th* 
*Placement is NOT guaranteed for registrations received after July 14, 2019. 

Ages 4 1/2-6 (6U) $95 
Ages 7-8 (8U) $165 
Ages 9-10 (10U) $165 
Ages 11-12 (12U) $165 
Ages 13-14 (14U) $165 
2) How often will the girls practice? How often are games? Practice dates and times are determined by the coach. As a league, we enforce a policy of no more than 3 per week. During the Fall Season, games will be played once a week on
possibly Saturday or Sunday  

3) Will there be any additional fees?

Each team usually collects a small amount of money at the start of the season to cover additional costs such as a team banner to display during games; this fee is not to exceed $45 per player. The team may also ask for funds towards the end of the season to cover costs associated with a team party and gifts for the Coaches, Manager, and Team Mom. 

4) How are girls selected for a team? Can I request a buddy? Players are selected via a draft. The only age division that is able to request a buddy is the 6U Division. There are no guarantees of buddy requests, but we will try our best to accommodate any requests. 

5) What is included in the registration cost? 

• Uniform- Jersey, socks and a $15 stipend for pants • End of Season memento • Insurance • Umpire Fees 

6) What equipment is needed?

The basic items your player needs will be cleats or turfs. For 6u, tennis shoes are ok.  A helmet with an USA Softball approved face cage and chin strap, USA Softball approved bat, and glove. Girls in higher divisions may also want to add knee pads and/or sliding shorts to protect them when sliding into a base. A fielding facemask, however it is not required. ( See Supplemental Rules, Section 11, Item G) .   The helmet can be purchased at any sporting goods store. The helmet must be worn while the batter is on deck, batting, or running the bases. The bat should come up to the child’s waist when placed on the ground next to the leg. To determine the weight of the bat, the child should be able to hold it parallel to the ground in one hand without much effort. The bat must be printed with the ASA or USA Softball approval. A glove should be able to close around the size of the ball used in the age division in which they play. The 6U and 8U Divisions use a 10” yellow ball. 10U uses an 11” yellow ball. 12U and 14U teams use a 12” yellow ball. 

7) How will I know what age group to register my daughter for?   

The age divisions are set by USA Softball (the governing body of softball in the United States) and are determined by the age players are on December 31st of the registration period. For the 2019 Fall Recreation Season, the age divisions will be: 

Division for Fall 2019:

6U (TBall)





Age of child on or before 12/31/19:

4.5, 5 & 6

7 & 8

9 & 10

11& 12

13& 14

Girls are typically placed in the division which represents their current age; however, sometimes adjustments are made to play up or down in unusual situations based upon skill levels or safety concerns. The player must attend evaluations to be considered as a player in a different division. The board must approve any change in playing division and has the final decision.  
8) What if I can't afford the fees for my daughter to play? OCGSL offers a payment plan. You will be required to pay $75 at the time of registration. After that, the system will automatically take the remaining balance in equal increments.

9) Does OCGSL offer a sibling discount? OCGSL does offer a sibling discount. Our online registration system will automatically discount $20 off any additional siblings registered during the same transaction. Please contact should you experience a problem. 
Proof of age in the form of birth certificate must be uploaded during registration. 
If you do not see your question please feel free to email our Registrar at 

Orange Canyon Girls Softball is proud to announce Fall Registration opens on June 3, 2019.